Why I design. 

I always explain my motives with the help of four aspects I like about designing:

I like functional art.

I believe that good design is influenced by functional and artistic motivations. On one hand, artistic motivations deal with self- expression, vision, visual stimulation and storytelling, and have a more intellectual basis. On the other hand, functional motivations deal with communication, problem solving, interaction and purpose and have a more practical basis.

I like to exchange thoughts.

Art connects with people in different ways, because its meaning is interpreted differently. There is no right nor wrong and is, therefore, open for discussion. The function of a design is the very opposite, since it sends the same message to everyone. Whether a design is considered aesthetically appealing or not, however, is a matter of taste.

I like a challenge.

You need a have a lot of creativity and imagination to translate abstract thoughts, fuzzy user insights and obscure inspirations into attractive and concrete propositions. This makes designing rather complicated. Yet, also very challenging and interesting.

I like to change things.

Design is ever changing. The relationship between function, interaction, behaviour and aesthetics, and the technological, social and commercial contexts in which this relationship has developed are dynamic. As a designer, I am able to change existing those situations and relationships into preferred ones.